Why choose SAPT

Four reasons to work with SAPT members

1. Professionalism

You’ve decided to put your translation in the hands of a professional. But what next? Dozens of anonymous translation providers can be hidden behind the name of an apparently professional translation agency, without any guarantee of their experience or education.

In SAPT, we guarantee the professionalism of our members. Membership cannot be bought, like advertising space; we know our members well and check them out thoroughly before accepting them. We bring together translators and interpreters who are active in their profession, who are constantly fine-tuning their skills and enhancing their expertise.

2. Specialisation

Translation isn’t assembly work. And a translator isn’t an assembly line worker. Each translation is unique, each text is different and places different demands on the translator.

For example, a text on flooding caused by the river Torysa will definitely be translated better by a translator of specialist texts who has already translated material on water reservoirs than by a translator who usually works on translations in the field of pharmacy.

Searching by specialisation enables you to find a translator who will fully meet your requirements, someone whose translation will look and sound as if it hasn’t even been translated. As translators, we are (in fact) specialised, which in practice means that a specific translator primarily focuses only on translations in a particular subject area (or several, often related, areas). Specialised translators continue their education in their subject area (via specialised literature, lectures, conferences, workshops…) and will not attempt to translate texts outside their specialisation. They would rather recommend a colleague for translations in other areas. Thanks to their specialisations, our translators can provide a high-quality text, specialised terminology and also a higher work efficiency.

3. Reliability

With SAPT, you can be sure that you will be working with translators and interpreters for whom this activity is their main source of income. We do not have any other job alongside translation or interpreting, since we want to focus on what we do best. You and your work are our priorities. You can rely on our members and services in all circumstances.

4. Transparency and a personal approach – (get to) know your translator

Only pay for the services you will really be using. Don’t add extra costs to your projects by paying agency fees. It’s very important to know whom you are working with, why and under what terms.

With SAPT, you always communicate with a particular member; our association does not take a cut on our members’ work. You work directly with the translator and not with an anonymous company which passes on only part of the translation fee to the translator. SAPT is a guarantee of professionalism and specialisation, and also helps you find exactly the translator or interpreter you require.


Here in SAPT, we stand by the professionalism of our members.


Translation is not a serial production. And the translator is not an assembly line worker.


In SAPT, you have the guarantee that you co-operate with active translators and interpreters for which this job is the main source of income.

Personal approach

You co-operate directly with the translator, not with an anonymous company.