About SAPT Members

In SAPT, you can find translators and interpreters for whom translating and interpreting represent their main source of income. Our members are full-time translators and interpreters.

Who are our members?

Being a translator or interpreting is not just a question of knowing two languages. The skill lies in transposing the meaning, in switching between two languages so that one is as good as the other (that is the meaning of the original is preserved, while the result is easy to grasp). So our area of work is not just in languages, but also – primarily, in fact – in the effective communication between two cultures. Experts with many years of experience under their belt, commissioned by Slovakia’s highest public institutions are in our ranks, as well as academics in the field of translation studies, literary translators of prose and poetry, interpreters with accreditations for European and international institutions, and also students and recent graduates with translation and interpreting degrees. Our members’ specialisations and qualifications are truly wide-ranging. Just choose the one who best meets your criteria.

Tip: If you are looking for a translation or interpreting in a particular field with its own, specific vocabulary, you need a specialist with experience or training in the given subject area. You can find one using our “Search by specialisation” option.

Tip: Do you wish to contact our members with an offer of a work placement or voluntary work? Are you looking for student translators or interpreters? In the search box, tick the field “include students in the search” and the results will include our members who are students or recent graduates.

Where can you find our members?

You can find SAPT members all across Slovakia, so it’s no problem to choose a translator or interpreter who suits your needs, not only in terms of specialisation, but also by their location. Geographical distance is often decisive, not only where interpreting is concerning, but also when you need to meet the translator in person for various reasons. Compared to many associations and companies, we are not all clustered in the capital city. Our executive committee also includes members from different regions of Slovakia.

Tip: When searching in our member database, you can select the location where you are interested in ordering interpreting or translation services. If remote communication is not an obstacle for you, and the translator’s location is of no concern to you, leave the “location” field blank.

Who are accredited members?

Some of our members have been through a demanding process to assess their education, specialisation and experience. After this check, the accreditation committee grants an accreditation for a specific language combination or combinations. On our website, these members are marked as “accredited member”. As you may notice, there are not many of them; becoming an accredited member is no easy task. Only those whom we truly consider to be the best in the given language combination are given this label.

Tip: Do you want to contact the crème de la crème of the translation world? Check the “search only accredited members” box when searching among our members.


Here in SAPT, we stand by the professionalism of our members.


Translation is not a serial production. And the translator is not an assembly line worker.


In SAPT, you have the guarantee that you co-operate with active translators and interpreters for which this job is the main source of income.

Personal approach

You co-operate directly with the translator, not with an anonymous company.